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Re : links given in TJP

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Re : links given in TJP

Postby Ms SomeONe » Thu 04.20.2006 5:28 am

okeez Mr.Clay i just saew 1 advertising link for Goat CHeese (!)which may nt be found later..( now could any sansei possibly make me undeerstand whot is the need for a non-nihonjin to learn about goat-cheese before learnin nihongoz?B)
just see who is it :p
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RE: Re : links given in TJP

Postby Machina Maw » Thu 04.20.2006 5:49 am

Machina Maw
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RE: Re : links given in TJP

Postby kotori » Thu 04.20.2006 12:20 pm

ads by google aren't selected by Clay-san. They're generated by Google. Usually they're relevant, but sometimes they're not. Clay-san's links are on the left.
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RE: Re : links given in TJP

Postby TokyoRoze » Thu 04.20.2006 3:55 pm

yeah what that guy said!
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