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Genki book discussion

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Genki book discussion

Postby I-samu » Thu 04.20.2006 7:26 pm

I have never read it, but I would like to know what's it about, and if it's good or not.

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RE: Genki book discussion

Postby Sachi » Thu 04.20.2006 7:46 pm

I think it's good. It has in-depth grammar, useful vocab, and nice practice activities. PM if you want me to go a little more into it, but in the meantime...


Here are a few threads that might have some worthwhile info. Hope that helps, and good luck studying!
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RE: Genki book discussion

Postby coco » Fri 04.21.2006 1:16 pm

Deja vu. さっちゃん, you are really nice person. ;)
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