just practicing

Feel free to practice writing in Japanese or romaji. Help each other out with corrections or replying back in Japanese
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just practicing

Post by Anti-Jenova » Sun 04.23.2006 8:15 am

watashi wa igirisujin desu, eigo o hanashimasu.
I am seeing whether this sentence structure is right, it should, if Im right, translate to "because I think japanese is interesting, I must study it."
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nihongo ga omoshiroii to omoimasu node,
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RE: just practicing

Post by pikctsach » Sun 04.23.2006 8:48 am

Hi, hajimemashite!
watashi wa igirisujin desu, eigo o hanashimasu.
I think its structure is right.

And the translation for the "because....must study it" is also matched with the english version.

But i'm wondering why the sentence was not: because Nihong go is very interesting, i want to study it?
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RE: just practicing

Post by richvh » Sun 04.23.2006 8:52 am


Looks perfect. Now you have to work on writing it in Japanese characters...
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RE: just practicing

Post by AJBryant » Sun 04.23.2006 12:43 pm

You dropped your と. ;)

By the way, Anti-Jenova, your .sig graphic is too large. Max size is 100 pix in height.


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RE: just practicing

Post by Phurdonk » Mon 04.24.2006 1:13 am

Is there suppose to be a full stop or comma after "desu" in your first sentence? Because, if it really is meant to be a comma, I'm pretty sure you'd turn the "desu" into "de".

E.g. watashi wa IGIRISUjin de, eigo o hanashimasu.
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... as opposed to...
watashi wa IGIRISUjin desu. eigo o hanashimasu.
I'm British. I speak English.

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