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Complex sentences....

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Complex sentences....

Postby aoisatomi » Mon 05.01.2006 8:04 pm

I've been learning Japanese now for about 4 years. Demo, watashi wa dokugakusei dakara... (self-taught) I don't have access to learning "higher up" Japanese.

I wanted to know if anyone on TJP who is very proficient or fluent (like Coco-san ^^) would be willing to help me learn how to read and write more complex sentences. For example, so I can better read some of the Japanese books I have.

I'm no beginner at learning Japanese, but ...let's face it....I think I'd sink in a 一年小学校 class....:@

If anybody would be willing, the idea I would have in mind is via PMs and sending me sentences, paragraphs, etc. to have me read, translate, etc. Or maybe sentences/paragraphs as examples with some explanations. Something to that effect.

If anybody has any comments, questions, advice, different ideas, or what not...please post here. ^^ If you would like to help with "Satomi's Complex Problem", please feel free to PM me.

Minna-sama doumo arigatou gozaimashita ne. ^^
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RE: Complex sentences....

Postby PandanoTake » Mon 05.01.2006 8:12 pm

It would be nice if I could practice that way as well. I don't mean to stand in your light aoisatomi-san, but if someone wouldn't mind, I'd like to hone my skills in this way as well. Of course, let's resolve this for aoisatomi-san first, ne? I may be able to help you, Aoisatomi-san, because I've been studying longer, but I can't guarantee because the amount of time doesn't mean I know more or less in certain areas.
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RE: Complex sentences....

Postby Schattenjedi » Mon 05.01.2006 8:49 pm

Try talking to some Japanese on MSN who want to learn English. You can help each other out and get some excellent practice.

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