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Postby Kei » Sat 04.09.2005 4:05 pm

I've been looking for this around the the How to Wow and other vocab lists but I haven't found a good explanation. What are the ways to say love and how to use them?

Example: あい

はじめまして ^_^;
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RE: Love

Postby redfoxer » Sat 04.09.2005 4:52 pm

you could also use koi. which can be used in as true love, first love, sort of love indicators sorta thing...i think :) (i dont have ime so i can write in kana ^^)
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RE: Love

Postby battousai » Sat 04.09.2005 4:52 pm

Before you get bombarded by the hundreds of cultural essays about the Japanese and how they use love..I'll give you the quick answer you can refer to.

noun + が すき です= I like whatever. For many reasons which will be explained by others but me, this can also mean I love. As in あなた が すき です.

Throw a だい in front of すき and it means like tremendously, and also, again, love..a lot.. As in あなた が だいすき です.

Then there's also あいする (愛する). This is the true "love verb", but for reasons that someone else will take an hour to type up, is only used in extreme circumstances and usually between close people. But this is the actual verb.

Edit: Just a quick note, I guessed by "how to say" you meant the verb. If you meant the noun, there are many ways including ai, koi, hatsukoi, and so on so forth which I'm too lazy to type up.
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RE: Love

Postby dreamingxashley » Sat 04.09.2005 6:42 pm

I looked up "love" In my dictionary...

ai - parental fraternal
ren'ai - between a man and woman

love (to) - aisuru (as a parent)
koi suru, and ren'ai suru - love between a man and woman.
koi ni ochiiru - to fall in love.

So, heres my question to add to the post: Is there a way to express romantic love between the same sex?
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RE: Love

Postby clay » Sat 04.09.2005 11:01 pm

Thanks for reminding me. I made a "Love" page years ago and haven't added it to the new database until now:
http://www.thejapanesepage.com/readarti ... cle_id=167

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RE: Love

Postby Kei » Sun 04.10.2005 1:57 am

Thanks everyone. I was asking because when I would read manga I would come across koi. But was used to seeing ai. But then the verb is different so this really cleared things up.
はじめまして ^_^;
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RE: Love

Postby Datadog » Sun 04.10.2005 3:37 am

Now I'm curious - under what circumstances has "kuchi zuke" ever been used? I can't imagine asking a girl if she wants to attach her mouth to mine. Not in that wording, anyways. :p
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