JLPT ???

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JLPT ???

Post by somekool » Wed 05.10.2006 2:29 am

I would like to know more about this test.

I'm thinking taking level 3 this december. I know pretty much all level 4 kanjis already and know quite a few of level 3 already. is it possible to get level 3 test first without taking level 4 ?

although I can read most of these kanjis, I have a hard time remembering the complicated one and drawing them off memory. you know, reading and writing kanjis, there is huge difference. do we only have to recognize kanji, or also write them from the pronounciation ?

also, is there software that generates test for us to get some practice ? I would like to try to pass practice test before going to the actual one. I think it's normal.

would anyone please advise me.


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RE: JLPT ???

Post by wasurenagusa » Wed 05.10.2006 2:52 am

yeah the Level 3 can be taken already if yu are confident and can give the test that u think that yu fit into ;)

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RE: JLPT ???

Post by Kates » Wed 05.10.2006 7:10 am

somekool: Awesome. You're in Hikone. XD I studied at JCMU there for a summer a few years back~ Lovely town. ^_^

No, you do NOT have to take level four before attempting level three. You can take any test you want--you could even take a shot at the level one test if you felt like it.

And no, you do NOT have to write kanji for the JLPT--only to recognize readings. There are questions that ask for the correct hiragana readings of kanji words, and questions that ask for the correct kanji for the word in hiragana (both questions are sentences so you have some context). Every question on the JLPT is multiple choice.

I don't know if there is software for the JLPT, but I know there are some great books out there. I have two from a company called UNICOM--each book includes two practice tests and some good advice on how to improve your score. This website: http://www.mlcjapanese.co.jp also has some decent stuff to help you study.

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