Looking for advice on learning kanji and any other teens stu

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RE: Looking for advice on learning kanji and any other teens

Post by sgtkwol » Wed 02.08.2006 12:49 am

You just gotta remember, you will never learn 2000 kanji at one time, you have to break it down and learn little by little. My final goal will be 100% of the jukogo kanji and more. I am at about 130 right now. Learn meanings/writing, learn 1-2 readings with the kanji on its own or combined with kana for verbs and adjectives. Then learn as many combos with those kanji as possible, giving you as many readings as possible. Then start all over again with more kanji. Younger people should have an easier time. because your minds are generally more ready to take in new knowledge.

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RE: Looking for advice on learning kanji and any other teens

Post by shikamarufoo » Wed 02.08.2006 12:55 am

Yo there just want to say I am also a teen, juurokusai(16 years old) and learning through school and also through self study here. I want to welcome you here and I hope you find it very helpful here. You should always strive for your dreams and never give up on learning Japanese if it's your goal. Take things step by step and things will get easier. I hope I can help you in the future! Good luck!:)

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RE: Looking for advice on learning kanji and any other teens

Post by josh_mac » Sun 02.12.2006 6:24 pm

Hi I am 13!
Been studying since december and have mastered the katakana and 50 or so Kanji, Just ordered some hiragana flash cards and lots of text books, I am hoping to fly to London in december to take the JLPT 4 kyu or possibly 3 depending on how I fell nearer the time! my advice for learning kanji is picture associations! they have helped so much if I didnt have picture associations I wouldn't of been able to learn anything!!!:D

Edit: I didnt realize I already had an account here XD that joshmac must of been from when I first started!
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RE: Looking for advice on learning kanji and any other teens

Post by Takeo Saeki » Sun 02.12.2006 6:40 pm

Nothing in life worth having is easy to get. This applies to the Japanese language as well. Don't be discouraged just because there are so many Kanji and some of them are so complicated. Just take it one step at a time. Don't try and cram it all into your head at once. Like several people on this thread have said, Japanese is only difficult if you let it be that way. Yes, it could take years, but like I said, nothing in life worth having is easy or quick to get. It's all worth it later. I am 16 years old and I have been studying Japanese for a couple months. I don't know much of it yet, but only because I got lazy for a little while... But i'm back to trying now, and i've learned quite a bit in the last couple days. All it takes is patience. I plan to move to Japan a year or so after I leave home. So obviously I need to practice, practice, practice... I know more Japanese words and phrases, I am far better at Hiragana now and I know several more Kanji than last week. I could be fluent in Japanese in 5 to 10 years, depending on how well I try. It could be the same for you. Good luck! :)

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RE: Looking for advice on learning kanji and any other teens

Post by Infidel » Mon 02.13.2006 12:35 am

If your young and studying Japanese then Elementary Japanese might be a good book for you. It isn't so expensive as Genki. You could pay for it out of a few weeks allowance and it's cheap enough that your parents might be willing to pay for it.

It teaches kana and kanji, but at a relatively slow pace so you shouldn't get overwhelmed. The lessons are small which is ideal for someone already in school full time.

Another good book with shorter lessons but still teaches kanji at a reasonable pace so you don't get overwhelmed is Contemporary Japanese

The advantage of these books is they are both cheap and have short lessons. The main weakness is that they don't have a separate workbook so the exercises are also short. Still, I think either of these are probably the best way to go if you are on a budget, want to learn kanji, want to learn Japanese, and want to add language study to an already full courseload. Also, buth books come in a volume 2, so they don't only act as a Japanese primer.
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RE: Looking for advice on learning kanji and any other teens

Post by maco » Tue 02.14.2006 11:42 am

I use flashcards to study. I have a set of 440--the ones Japanese 1-3 graders know. Each card has 4 compound words. What I did is take the first card. Then, I copied each compound onto a new index card. Then I looked up the other symbol(s) of each compound and copied the compounds from those cards onto more cards. Eventually I hit a roadblock where either the matching ones aren't on my cards or they have looped around to ones I've already learned. Then I go back to the level above. I think I've got about 9 levels (like card 1 branched to 4 cards branched to 16 branched to 64), that I'm working on. I've stopped copying more though, after making about 100 new kanji cards. I'll pick back up when I know these.

Anyway, I heard about this rather-time-consuming-but-very-sensible way of learning kanji. Take your kanji cards and go through them every day. The ones you know on your first try get set aside. Each day that pile should get bigger. On Saturday, go through that "cards I know" pile. If you don't get them, they go back into the daily pile. If you do know them after the week is over, they go into the monthly pile. If you don't know them at the end of the month, back to daily. It's constant re-testing of the kanji to make sure you know it really well.

Another thing is, don't just learn to read the kanji. Write them over and over and over. Write each one at least 10 times when you first learn it. Say the pronunciation (both kunyomi and onyomi) and the meaning as you write it. Even Japanese are running into the problem of reading but not knowing how to write thanks to typing all of the kanji. Thing is, if you can write it, you are guaranteed to know how to read it. Reading doesn't guarantee that you can write it, because reading uses context clues and recognition of parts of the kanji without knowing every radical of it.

My friend suggested I get a book called Power Kanji to practice copying from, but I like my method of finding kanji better. Just going on this site's chatroom will teach you plenty of kanji (okay, you have to ask what they just said, but you learn it). I did just buy a Japanese dictionary though. I have JQuickTrans on each of my computers, but I finally got a physical dictionary so I can carry it around (and so I can work on writing my speech when I'm away from my computer...there's a speech contest in April that I'm entering).

I'm fairly sure I could pass JLPT 4 right now (I know probably 200 kanji), but I missed registration for last year's test. I intend to register for level 3 this year, so I'm working on learning more. After a friend taught me hiragana in 9th grade, I took level 1 in 10th grade. Since I studied ahead, the teacher knew I could teach myself and let me take a book over summer to study and test out of level 2. So, I took level 3 in 11th grade. Thanks to schedule conflicts, I am not in a class this year. So, I'm just teaching myself anything I can, mainly using the internet. I suggest http://kanjisite.com for quizzing yourself and learning. They have a random mode where it shows a kanji then you have to guess it (like think of it then click and it tells you what the answer is so you know if you're right).
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RE: Looking for advice on learning kanji and any other teens

Post by Sumi » Sun 05.14.2006 3:32 pm

I'm 14 & started learning Japanese at 13 (it wasn't so successful the first time around). I've been taking Spanish for at least 3 years & I'm horrible at it, due to the fact that I have no motivation and no reason to learn it excepts for the facts that I need 2 foreign languages to graduate and I was forced to. Unlike with Japanese, I noticed that I learned things faster than I did with Spanish. Although, I do regret giving up for 2 months (lost time - I hate that). Anyway, kanji haven't been a HUGE problem for me. The only problem I have with it is choosing which reading to use for combinations & whatnot. The sucky part about learning Japanese is that not a lot one where I live speaks it better than I do or fluently. The only person is the man who makes the sushi at a Japanese/Chinese restaurant 15 minutes from my house. God, I can't wait to get out of here...

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RE: Looking for advice on learning kanji and any other teens

Post by Gizoku » Sun 05.14.2006 5:38 pm

I don`t know,I started Learning japanese By Getting a pocket dictornery that had Kanji and drawing it everywhere.
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RE: Looking for advice on learning kanji and any other teens

Post by S-san » Sun 05.14.2006 9:30 pm

I'm almost 14, and have been studding Japanese and everything about Japan for, oh, two years or so, but only within the last nine months have I really gotten into the language. The simple kana went easy, but I'm having more trouble with the Knaji, grammar, and sentence structure with long or complex sentences. I guess you just need to keep your spirits up and cherish everything that you learn. Practice makes perfect!
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RE: Looking for advice on learning kanji and any other teens

Post by jennifer1987 » Thu 09.07.2006 8:35 pm

hey i'm new but i pretty much already memorized hiragana and katagana i'm kinda confused with kanji are there really 2000+ of them ?? :o

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