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Jiko Shookai Shimasu

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Jiko Shookai Shimasu

Postby Smooth » Mon 03.28.2005 1:34 am

Just wanted to say hello to everyone and formally introduce myself. I was born with the Gaijin name of Tomas B. De la Cruz Jr, and I perform as John B. Smooth. I'm a Magician / Mentalist currently living in Okinawa, Japan. My interest in learning this great language is multi-faceted.

On one side knowing Nihongo will increase my clientale at the moment. Which will also pave the way for me to be on Japanese TV. On the other side there so many people that say that it is the hardest languages' to learn. Oh yeah right! The language is so foreign from my native Spanish and English that it intrigues me beyond belief.

I've been in Okinawa for five months now and still haven't mastered the language so now I'm here on TJP.com to see if my association with you all will help me some. I'll post a video of me doing magic in Okinawa for your enjoyment......

Me performing for some Japanese girls

Me performing for some Marines

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RE: Awsome

Postby Variand » Sun 04.10.2005 4:15 pm

Excellent show! Great showmanship... i doubt its the first time you've heard it. Those marines were a trip.

I am new to the boards and want to say hello to everyone. I hope to become fluent in both written and spoken japanese, and possibly move to japan.

If i am ever in Okinawa(i was born there btw) or see you anywhere else, i will definately see one of your shows.
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RE: Jiko Shookai Shimasu

Postby Vengeance » Sun 04.10.2005 9:23 pm

Heh heh, pretty sweet. Those marines were dicks lol.
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RE: Jiko Shookai Shimasu

Postby Matsumoto_hideto » Mon 04.11.2005 12:13 am

Drunk Marines = Hilarious

You are a genius my friend
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RE: Jiko Shookai Shimasu

Postby Datadog » Mon 04.11.2005 1:00 am

I finally got around to watching those. You've got some pretty sweet skills, man. How long have you been working on that?
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RE: Jiko Shookai Shimasu

Postby Smooth » Tue 04.12.2005 3:27 am

I've been practicing magic and mentalism for almost 15 years now. Activily performing since 1995, I've done paid shows up and down the United States East Coast, Mississippi and California. Been covered on a few TV shows, newspapers and a wall of awards.

I'm practicing right now for the biggest magicial publicity stunt Nippon has ever seen. I've been amping up my studying 100 fold. It's going to be great. :)

But I'm not that good honestly, I just get myself out there alot. Thanks for all your compliments. I'll try to post up some more clips. I do have several more out there on my site. Check it out.

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RE: Jiko Shookai Shimasu

Postby Spaztick » Tue 04.12.2005 2:57 pm

Wow, awesome. I will definetly come by and visit if I'm ever in Okinawa.
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RE: Jiko Shookai Shimasu

Postby Applegate » Mon 04.18.2005 3:15 pm

Cool. Where in Okinawa are you? I might've unwittingly bumped into you in December. :P

Gambatte on the big project (both magic and learning Japanese).
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