I need help with Japanese

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I need help with Japanese

Post by genyue » Tue 04.12.2005 10:29 am


Let me make this short and sweet.

いいんです (iin desu)
What does the 'n' (beside ii) actually means?

書くんです (kakun desu)
What does the 'n' (beside kaku) actually means?

約束したんだ (yakusoku shitan da)
What does the 'n' (beside shita) actually means?

Also, whatever ん (n) used as a suffix for other possible words.. what does it refer to?

That's all with questions, answers please ^^

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RE: I need help with Japanese

Post by Daisuke » Tue 04.12.2005 10:32 am

Haven't you allready posted this at the 'General' forum?


RE: I need help with Japanese

Post by Schattenjedi » Tue 04.12.2005 11:56 am

The ん suffix gives an explanatory tone to the sentence, or in the case of a question, requests an explanation.

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RE: I need help with Japanese

Post by Mukade » Thu 04.14.2005 9:44 am

In any of these sentences you've given us, ん would add emphasis to the sentence while still being polite.

For example, I can say:

いいですよ。"It's okay."

A more emphatic, but colloquial version would be:

いいよ。"Don't worry about it!"

A more emphatic, but polite way would be:

いいんですよ。"It's fine, thank you."

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