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View topic - yo guys im new!!

yo guys im new!!

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yo guys im new!!

Postby Tenshi Kawaii » Wed 05.17.2006 5:09 pm

hey guys whats up, ive been doing manga for a long time im just starting on them, i was mostly working on the plots and what not :D but anyway i love making mangas, i usually play them out like in a play, and become the characters and find out their personalities, but anyway nice to meet ya!;) sayonara.
Tenshi Kawaii
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RE: yo guys im new!!

Postby Sorako » Wed 05.17.2006 5:51 pm

はじめまして! 私はハナです。どうぞよろしく。

Hope you enjoy your stay here. :)
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RE: yo guys im new!!

Postby hamsterfreak4evr » Wed 05.17.2006 11:20 pm

welcome :)
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