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RE: One Piece

Post by shikamarufoo » Sun 03.26.2006 12:03 am

One Piece is one of the best animes I've watched! I'm up to episode 180 which is the Eneru/Skypiea Arc...One Piece is soo awesome and goofy! I love Nico Robin and Toni ~Chopper~ and of cource Zoro (how can you not like Zoro he's soo cool, like the Kakashi of One Piece) ...How far is everyone in episodes? Also are you watching the fansubbed version or the dubbed version on Cartoon Network? I think there are like 250+ episodes in Japan!:)
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RE: One Piece

Post by Mariya » Wed 04.12.2006 5:06 pm

Awww your stuck on the Skypiea arc too huh? I think its just too long !! >.< Zoro is by far the best ne? Followed closely by Sanji ;). I'm following They rock. :D

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RE: One Piece

Post by Jangoooo » Sat 05.13.2006 5:31 am

one piece is one of the best anime ive seen, but there are many characters like luffy, ussop or sanji who are really stupid...the best its.......Jango!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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RE: One Piece

Post by hamsterfreak4evr » Wed 05.17.2006 11:23 pm

ive read books 1 and 2 so far, and i really like it!:D

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RE: One Piece

Post by Ebuka Valentine Nrialike » Fri 05.19.2006 12:18 pm

i use to watch one piece alot , then i started watching yu-gi oh, what anoys me now is that they show yu-gi oh and one piece at the same time on different channels!, and i have to choose, argh:@ i enjoyed the first season of one piece, which i watched, now am watching yu-gi oh! argh!:@

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RE: One Piece

Post by animelover152 » Wed 10.04.2006 9:20 pm

i LOVE one piece i just moved here from Okinawa Japan and OMG the american version SUKS i HATE it. Zoros my fav anime character of all time XD ;)

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RE: One Piece

Post by crossbowgurl » Tue 10.17.2006 5:11 am

YAY! One Piece is love <3
good thing i never saw that english version :P i watched up to episod 278 now i think. i thik my fav character is Luffy (he's the best character of anything imo) i prefer the manga ver as always :p

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RE: One Piece

Post by Rienaldinho » Fri 10.27.2006 6:50 pm

One Piece ROCKS!! I always laugh when Luffy and Chopper believe one of Usopp's lies :D

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RE: One Piece

Post by Hatori » Fri 10.27.2006 11:56 pm

i think the anime is really gay... but i've heard the manga is awesome. but i have so many series on my shelf i don't think i should start collecting it. same thing with Yu GAY o. the manga is great but the anime sucks... i think i'm probably going to get the One Peice manga ANYWAYS if i'm gonna get some manga soon. lmfao.

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RE: One Piece

Post by MaRRo » Mon 11.06.2006 4:30 pm

sogeking its great, but i think too zoro its the best

i thought u know that que characters names of one pieces have a meaning
at least some of them

ussop = uso its a lie on japanese
nami is a water wave
sanji = san + aji and it last means taste
if someone know the other meanings please post it

pd: sorry about my english im southamerican and im doing my best :p
Grande Colo-Colo! xD

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RE: One Piece is the graetest creation of all time

Post by Akagami » Tue 11.07.2006 5:48 pm

Watching one piece really reminds me of what happens when me and my friends get together. Just plain have fun and shinu made warachauze kanji!

I love one piece because its really sit on the egde of yor seat, bitting your nails, laugh out loud till you get a headache, cry and feel so much you want to share it kind of stuff. Ahh good times, good times.

There are so many episodes but to me the best has the be the east blue arc: Nami's story with aarong and kokoyashi mura. Man that really reminded me of so many people who have had so many hardships. Really touched me.What was everyones elses fav episodes?

If you want to find out by watching the anime for yourselves, stop reading now because im about let out a 2 huge spoilers!!! SERIOUSLY!!!!

Most fans will probably already know this but here it is. Think back to Rouge town when luffy almost got captured by smoker. Does anybody know who started that storm? The person goes by the name of Dragon. Thats Dragon.D... Sound familiar? It was Luffy's dad! :o

Heres another. Do you remember that weakling Coby from the first episode. Him and that idiot Hellumeppo (Axe hand Morgans son) were taken in by a very famous Marine officer. The one with a tiger mask looking thing. Well that was Luffys Grand Dad. :o

Sorry to those who were expecting somthing bigger. :(
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Post by Akagami » Wed 11.08.2006 4:44 pm

Marimo_Aho_chuuuune! 'Anime wa nihonngo ja dame miteena! Mata aouna, Adios yarodomo!' and to the ladies 'Life is what you make it and i live in paradise' ishouni kuruka?'. I'm most like : Akutsu Jin - Prince of tennis

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RE: One Piece

Post by maboroshi638 » Thu 12.21.2006 8:54 am

My favourite charas are Nami because she's a very strong person. I think it's great how she has all her men under controlle. ;) B)
And Sanji because he's just really cool B) (minus the cigarette, that's not cool!).
I'm also reading the Manga as it's uncut!
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