animal noises

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RE: animal noises

Post by kohana » Fri 05.19.2006 7:26 pm

I think it's just the way a culture interprets it, I mean, do pigs really go "oink"? Isn't it more of a "snort" sound? ^^''
well, I guess cat's rarely sound like meow, though I'm not sure nya is any closer; cuter, but probably not closer.
Exactly, sometimes a dog may go "WAN!" and other times it may go "BARK." :D But I don't think anybody really knows how to duplicate a cat. xD

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RE: animal noises

Post by hungryhotei » Fri 05.19.2006 7:31 pm

Random knowledge:
Dogs are often called ワンちゃん (or ポチ) and cats ニャンちゃん. (not the actual name given to the pets- a cute way of saying dog or cat)

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RE: animal noises

Post by Sorako » Fri 05.19.2006 8:49 pm

Odd, my cat makes a sound more like reeowwww...

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RE: animal noises

Post by Machina Maw » Fri 05.19.2006 9:44 pm

two_heads_talking wrote:
kanadajin wrote:
..That's weird..
cats are similar meow and niau
miaux B).

the Japanese cat sound is actually "nyaa".

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RE: animal noises

Post by defrex » Fri 05.19.2006 10:15 pm

heh, interestingly, if you watch a lot of anime, you will notice some of the over-cute characters making sounds like the cat noise. Sometimes nyuu instead.

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RE: animal noises

Post by hamsterfreak4evr » Fri 05.19.2006 11:13 pm

kanadajin wrote:
whoa oO But.. that doesnt make sense to me.. Do their animals make different sounds? lol..
different cultures interpret animal sounds, i believe.:D

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RE: animal noises

Post by jinksys » Sat 05.20.2006 1:13 am

Hello? Internets?

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RE: animal noises

Post by adam » Sat 05.20.2006 4:54 am

Yes you definitely hear it alot in anime, but also in real people trying to act cute. The biggest one is instead of saying そうだな you'll hear そうだにゃー
don't do it. haha

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