looking for electronic dictionary

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looking for electronic dictionary

Post by keisukekun86 » Tue 05.23.2006 1:43 am

I'm a Hope College Japanese major, and I'm using this summer to study Japanese. I am doing a lot of writing, reading, and emailing in japanese these days, so I need a good dictionary. I have a dinky little 6 dollar Berlitz Japanese-English dictionary I got about a year ago. It's rapidly deteriorating, and I am in search of a good electronic dictionary. I'm not sure what I need to look for in such a thing, but I've heard that "word jump" is a good feature. So the question is, what kind of features should I be looking for in an electronic dictionary and what models would you suggest? I'm currently studying my second year of Japanese and will start my third in the fall, just in case my level is involved in the decision making process.

Thanks in advance for the advice!


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RE: looking for electronic dictionary

Post by Harisenbon » Tue 05.23.2006 7:52 pm

There are a number of threads in this forum about that electronic dictionaries. You could search through them to see what interests you.

My favorite is the Canon C55 (because it's keitai-size), and the G50 for the big ones. The G70 looks pretty, but I hear it's a small fortune.

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