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Maple Story Global

Post by hamsterfreak4evr » Wed 05.24.2006 10:41 pm

Hi, i was just wondering whether anyone here plays Maple Story, specifically Maple Story Global. Just curious.

So here's my person:

world: Windia

name: perseveron2

level: (as of now) 13

island: victoria

job: magician, 1st level:)

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RE: Maple Story Global

Post by vuilerat52 » Fri 05.26.2006 10:11 am

I play maplestory :D

World: Scania

Name: Vuilerat

LVL: 41

Island: Ludi

Job: Hunter (2nd bowman job)

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RE: Maple Story Global

Post by Reno » Fri 05.26.2006 11:49 am

I used to play it, was a thief but the whole levelling-thing got kinda boring after a while.

haha Vuilerat, niemand hier snapt ook echt wat je naam betekent haha
Good luck with studying everybody and I hope one day I will be able to pick it back up.

Until then, a nice goodbye from me to you ;)

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RE: Maple Story Global

Post by aKuMu » Fri 05.26.2006 11:57 am

i just played it till i was able to choose a class/job but soon after that it allready got boring...

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