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Post by Emma » Sun 04.17.2005 11:47 am

I am learning Japanese with the help of a CD and a textbook. However, one thing that I have noticed is that in the book, arigato has no 'u', whereas on the web, it is quite frequently spelt arigatou. There are other examples, though none immediately spring to mind.

What I am asking is: Is there a 'correct' way to be spelling these words, or is it due to a particular school of teaching?


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RE: Romanji

Post by ShinDig » Sun 04.17.2005 11:51 am

hey just wanted to say that i have the same problem!! oh, and what text book and CD package are you using because i'm looking for one at the moment but have yet to find a decent one....;)

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RE: Romanji

Post by hihlordjp » Sun 04.17.2005 11:58 am

There are many conventions of romanizing Japanese.

"Arigatou" is a direct "kana to roman letter" transliteration. The "arigato" you see is probably used initially in order to familiarize the learner with the word. If some people who have little to no knowledge of Japanese were to read "Arigatou", they may pronounce it incorrectly as "A-RI-GA-TOO" instead of "AH-RI-GA-TOH".

If you want to learn more about the different conventions of romanizing Japanese, you can head here or here.
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