A Binder Idea

Have a textbook or grammar book that you find particularly helpful? What about a learning tip to share with others?
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A Binder Idea

Post by hamsterfreak4evr » Thu 06.01.2006 10:39 pm

I often find myself in my schools study hall wondering "if only i could study some Japanese right now..."

Something I decided to do as a $friendly idea is to use an extra/old binder around my house (1 inch thick is all i need) and whenever I come across a really useful page over the internet, I print it out and stick it in the binder. It is really great, almost like my own personalized textbook!!B):D

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RE: A Binder Idea

Post by Infidel » Thu 06.01.2006 11:10 pm

I just keep a small 3x5 spiral note book in my pocket where I write kanji vocabulary and phrases. When I'm in a line or somewhere I break it out.

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RE: A Binder Idea

Post by jinksys » Thu 06.01.2006 11:42 pm

You could also go down to the library and check out some japanese books and read em in study hall.
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RE: A Binder Idea

Post by Mukade » Fri 06.02.2006 2:41 am

I used to carry around piles of those metal-ring notecards (3x5 cards are hard to find here in Japan).

But then recently I bought the Nintendo DS Lite. I picked up the 漢字そのまま楽引辞典, and was please to find out that you can tag any words you look up for later study.

Now, not only can I look up words by writing them directly on the screen of my DS, I can also create vocab lists and study them anywhere.

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