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Study Method Guide

Have a textbook or grammar book that you find particularly helpful? What about a learning tip to share with others?

RE: Study Method Guide

Postby hamsterfreak4evr » Sun 06.04.2006 8:59 am

i use many internet sites such as this and read all the forums about grammar and stuff (try to pick up 1 new thing each day)

And create conversations with myself in scenarios in the shower (such as being interviewed for a job, playing both parts). The shower is the best place to study!

I talk to my dog in Japanese, though there usually isnt much to say..B) also when im getting a snack ill just talk to myself (when no ones around, of course)"what do you want to eat" "i like apples...I think i will eat an apple!" stuff like that.......lol.
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RE: Study Method Guide

Postby paul_b » Sun 06.04.2006 9:15 am

adam wrote:
Writing: I've slowed down my writing practice a lot, to help improve my other areas.

Watch out. In four years time you'll find you can't write 家 without using a computer to type. ;-)
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RE: Study Method Guide

Postby paul_b » Mon 06.05.2006 9:34 am

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RE: Study Method Guide

Postby Infidel » Mon 06.05.2006 12:24 pm

yea, I'm pretty happy with my own writing. I'm starting to get a real sense of balance now. I'm finally beginning to be able to look at some of the characters I draw and think they look good.
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