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Post by jogatype » Sun 06.04.2006 4:53 pm

I had a small question- when you're addressing a letter to a family, do you write the family name followed by "kazoku?" (Like the Smith Family) Please help me out here ;)
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RE: address

Post by clay » Sun 06.04.2006 7:41 pm

You can either address the family by the father's name and then add 御一同様 go ichi dou sama or you can do like you are asking and say the family name with 家 ke

aoiki ke, go ichi dou sama

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RE: address

Post by coco » Sun 06.04.2006 8:05 pm

If you use " family" in letter(mail).
father's name + ご家族のみなさま is a popular form.

For example
if やまだ たろう 山田太郎 is a father's name

山田太郎 様
ご家族の皆様(ごかぞく の みなさま)

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