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Going to Japan!!

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Going to Japan!!

Postby 112358 » Tue 06.06.2006 2:43 pm

I am thinking about going to japan for awhile and I am not sure what it is going to be like

I have heard that 87 yen is about one canadian dollar....
If I wanted to stay in japan for a couple weeks and be able to travel and explore how much money would I need?

And what about teaching english. Would I be able to go over to japan and teach english and live with a family and get paid well?

Anyways, sorry about all the questions, but could you please try to help me out!

Doomo arigatou!!
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RE: Going to Japan!!

Postby becks23 » Tue 06.06.2006 6:56 pm

I can help you for the most part.
Going to Japan is not cheap, it also depends on when you plan to go.
First off, if you are thinking of a time period to go, AVOID SUMMER!! It's blistering hot and for the most part you will only come out at night when it's cool. The best time to go, if you want さくら(Sakura) is late March to mid April, they are beautiful in full blossom. If you want Summer weather, when its warm periodically, go for late September early October. It's not as hot as the Summer months of June-August.

Money wise now. Japan is expensive if you aren't careful. Airfare alone is about $1000CDN round trip and hotel another $1000 or so. It all depends on how long you plan to go for. If you are planning on seeing the entire country, which I HIGHLY reccommend, you will need about 2 weeks minimum. Lastly is the Japan Rail Pass. You will want one for your trip IF you plan on going around the country, if you plan to stay in Tokyo(example), the Rail Pass is a waste. You can get a Rail Pass in 1, 2 or 3 week spans. They are 28 300($300) for 1 week, 45 100 for 2 weeks and 57 700 for 3 weeks. Keep in mind this gets you on Shinkansen as well, so it's worth every yen to get one for cross country travel.

In total, for about a 2 week stay, you are looking at $2800 CDN plus spending money. For spending money you need to think about what kind of budget you want(Cheap, Moderate or No limit spending mood) You will want to bring about another $1000 in spending money, more for procautionary measure than anything else.

Finally, it doesn't hurt to know a little Japanese. Although there is a lot of English in Japan, you'll find out on your own that it can be difficult ordering something to eat or trying to communicate with others simply because of the language barrier. If you plan on buying a lot of electronics or anything for that matter. You will need いくら(Ikura) How much?

As for the teaching English in Japan, i'm not too certain on that matter. You may want to look up JET as an English teaching program.

〜Hope all this helps.
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RE: Going to Japan!!

Postby 112358 » Wed 06.07.2006 2:27 pm

Thanks for all the help!!

It really was helpful

Doomo arigatou!
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