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How do these books stack up?

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How do these books stack up?

Postby Zoidburg » Wed 06.07.2006 12:31 am

I just got these books as a gift today. I was wondering if they are good books, on a beginner - actually wanting to speak the launguage - kinda books.

Japanese for Dummies
A guide to Learing Hiragana and Katakana
And the E-J, J-E dictionary I got was : Random House's Dictionary.
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RE: How do these books stack up?

Postby Infidel » Wed 06.07.2006 3:02 am

JfD - a primer. Not a full blown course. If you lack the money to commit or are unsure if learning japanese is for you this is a good test of your will to stay the course. Although, I think that book uses roumaji so it builds bad habits and handicaps you somewhat. Better to get a book that teaches you kana early.

A guide-- I never really got much miliage from these. But some people think they are great. I just use the kana guides in the front/back of a japanese course until I don't need them anymore.

RH dictionary. I wasn't too impressed with it. Rather, I saw it, but it didn't inspire me to buy it. I think it uses roumaji.

However, it is pretty common for these to be the only books at waldenbooks, so they probably would have had to special order anything better.
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