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Thank God You're Here

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Thank God You're Here

Postby Machina Maw » Wed 06.07.2006 6:35 am

TGYH is an Australian comedy where some minor celebrities are featured on the show; dressed up and put onto a stage where they have no idea what's about to happen and must improvise their way through it.

So I thought I'd share some segments from the shows because I guess some people might find them amusing. Haha.


http://youtube.com/watch?v=__ORZWZinjY - funniest, in my opinion.

That's all for now. They both contain a tiny bit of swearing, nothing bad though.

Yeah well. Enjoy. :)
Machina Maw
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RE: Thank God You're Here

Postby vixen » Wed 06.07.2006 7:36 am

oh ok neither of 'em opens up :@
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RE: Thank God You're Here

Postby Mukade » Wed 06.07.2006 8:40 am

That was very funny. Reminds me of "Who's Line is It Anyway?"

So who is Frank Woodley, anyway? That guy was good.
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RE: Thank God You're Here

Postby clay » Wed 06.07.2006 10:10 am

Funny! Yes, very similar to "Who's Line is It Anyway" but with a nice twist.

Any more?
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RE: Thank God You're Here

Postby two_heads_talking » Wed 06.07.2006 10:38 am

you know, who's line is it anyway, isn't that also a rip off of some british commedy improve sketches too?
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RE: Thank God You're Here

Postby keatonatron » Wed 06.07.2006 10:48 am

Yes, but the British version was crap. B)
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RE: Thank God You're Here

Postby kotori » Wed 06.07.2006 10:59 am

I preferred the british version, at least they changed up the comedians more often. The american version is like "Drew Carey and his friends.. plus sometimes another guy".
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RE: Thank God You're Here

Postby colind » Wed 06.07.2006 11:02 am

Frank Woodley (real name Frank Wood) is part of the famous Aussie duo "Lano and Woodley"
I love these two guys hey! They also had a TV show where they were room-mates and made every day life into a never ending joke. They work so well together.

Here's a little about them... http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lano_and_Woodley
And here's a little bit about their show... http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Adventures_of_Lano_and_Woodley

edit: if you wany more... this is the search in you tube... http://youtube.com/results?search=Thank+God+you%27re+Here&search_type=search_videos&search=Search
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RE: Thank God You're Here

Postby queshaw » Wed 06.07.2006 2:27 pm

That's hilarious. Thanks.

I think the one starring "Josh Lawson" is also funny:


The format is similar to who's line is it anyway, but the humor is more understated. The jokes are more subtle maybe.
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