What to see in Japan

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RE: What to see in Japan

Post by becks23 » Thu 06.08.2006 5:13 am

keatonatron wrote:
There's actually quite a few big ferris wheels. You can see like 3 of them just driving from Narita to Yokohama. There's one near Tokyo Disneyland, one in Sakuragicho (Yokohama), and one at all the big amusement parks. And many more that I'm sure I'm forgetting.
Haha I meant in the city of Tokyo alone...although that stretches nearly endlessly. Of course in the Prefecture there are many, Chiba included, ferris wheels. I think the one in Yokohama, in Minato Mirai, is the biggest in the country(not sure on that)

~Sorry for the confusion

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RE: What to see in Japan

Post by Kates » Thu 06.08.2006 4:08 pm

Check out the Lonely Planet guides for Tokyo, Kyoto and Japan... I bought all three and used them extensively when I was there. There are great maps and photos, as well as helpful info on what to see and where to eat and etc, etc. ^_^

All the wonderful places already mentioned are in these books (of course!), as well as a TON of others. The books were a BIG help on trip-planning (especially in the lodging-searching department)!

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