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What anime?

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What anime?

Postby jinksys » Sun 02.06.2005 5:20 am

Which anime, if any, inspired you to learn japanese?
I love 犬夜叉 and cowboy bebop, but how about you!?
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RE: What anime?

Postby Riley » Sun 02.06.2005 6:17 am

I've seen too much anime so I can't really say which one inspired me the most...but I just love cowboy bebop and also ghost in the shell and vampire hunter D :)
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RE: What anime?

Postby Daisuke » Sun 02.06.2005 7:56 am

All the anime i watch inspire me! heh.. ;)
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RE: What anime?

Postby jiro » Mon 02.07.2005 12:52 am

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RE: What anime?

Postby Tamai » Mon 02.07.2005 9:30 pm

It was Card Captor Sakura, just because it took me about 5 or 6 episodes to notice that everything was in japanese (i was used to watch the brazilian dub, and the voices were very similar to the original). But I just get serious after Love Hina, the manga, that had many things in japanese to read.
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RE: What anime?

Postby Clessie » Tue 02.08.2005 2:33 pm

I lov Cowboy Bebop and.. Ghost in the Shell. But FMA rocks too. The one that really got me to was Rorouni though, for some strange reason.
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RE: What anime?

Postby karine » Tue 02.08.2005 7:43 pm

The first anime I ever watched was "Saint Seiya". I was very young at that time. After I remember I've watched "Saylor Moon"; "Yu Yu Hakusho"; "Rurouni Kenshin" which I love till nowadays for its perfect strokes; and most recently "Tenchi Muyo" (my fave character is Ryoko); And "Inu Yasha" that is a great view of japanese tradictions and myths.

I guess all of them helped me getting interested in japanese culture and language, even I've watched all of them in portuguese.
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RE: What anime?

Postby ichigoTIMU » Tue 02.08.2005 10:14 pm

cowboy bebop, naruto, serial experiments lain, hellsing, FLCL... those are my favorite.
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RE: What anime?

Postby Sunny Pig » Wed 02.09.2005 3:56 am

The first anime I have ever watched, which is also one which spurred on my liking for the Japanese language and culture, is 魔神英雄伝ワタル (Mashin Eiyuuden Wataru).
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RE: What anime?

Postby sherman » Sat 02.12.2005 1:37 pm

Evangelion! Made me think so much about Christianity till I reached enlightenment! ^_~
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RE: What anime?

Postby Naruto721 » Sat 02.12.2005 10:38 pm

Thats a tough one, so many animes that i've watched. I would say my first imported set, Naruto! Since it's in japanese, i've picked up phrases and words from it. And this inspired me to learn japanese!
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RE: What anime?

Postby ichigoTIMU » Sat 02.12.2005 10:51 pm

for me, it was j-pop artist ayumi hamasaki
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RE: What anime?

Postby Mimee » Mon 02.14.2005 2:31 am

Well, the first anime I have ever, ever watched was Sailor Moon. (When I was 3 or 4) I watched it in Cantonese. I really did like it. That's when I started liking anime, but I really didn't know where it came from. ... After some years of pondering I realized it was Japanese. ^_^;;

Well, then I got more interested in anime so I kept watching dubbed versions of it. (CCS, Yu Gi Oh, etc...) Then I got to know a wider variety of anime, and I wanted to watch them... in their original language.

The first anime I watched in Japanese was Chobits I think. I was so excited! The second was X/1999... and so on... I think that was what inspired me to learn Japanese, and I love it! ~~ ^_^
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RE: What anime?

Postby omblaythezvee » Mon 02.21.2005 4:05 pm

oh god how i love bleach... :D:D:D
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RE: What anime?

Postby SailorPuu » Thu 03.03.2005 5:31 pm

i don't know which one really inspired me. My first was Sailor Moon, the first time i saw it i was watching 'Promise of the Rose' in english (gag me, i hate english now, only watch Japansese if its available) but there's so many more i love, i don't know which inspired me.
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