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Japan radio

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Japan radio

Postby Schattenjedi » Fri 03.04.2005 10:16 am

Anyone know any Japanese radio stations that can be streamed? Windows media player streams would be highly preferable since its the only player installed on these network computers at my uni.

RE: Japan radio

Postby Kodi » Mon 03.07.2005 6:23 pm

check out http://www.shoutcast.com/ and type in Japan in the search box. You will need winamp though. A better program than windows media player anyway. http://www.winamp.com

I tuned into Japan-A-Radio and I am now listening to Ayu's Euro Megamix lol.
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RE: Japan radio

Postby TokyoRoze » Mon 03.07.2005 9:02 pm

Hey thats cool!
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RE: Japan radio

Postby terensu » Thu 04.21.2005 10:41 am

I find the kawaii-radio net very nice to listen to, just found it today. ;)
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RE: Japan radio

Postby Elumi » Thu 04.21.2005 1:50 pm

Do you actually get to follow the songs and stuff if you listen to Japan Radio? Omoshiroii... maybe I should listen to one...
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RE: Japan radio

Postby dragon89 » Fri 04.22.2005 12:19 am

um... i soemtimes listen to keiichi.net (radio.keiichi.net) it plays anime music. But that's the only one that I know of.
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RE: Japan radio

Postby Kei » Fri 04.22.2005 12:29 am

Does anyone know one that has new songs? I've heard that japanese change music and fashion very fast and if this is true then I want the latest ^_^
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RE: Japan radio

Postby SanguisPluvia » Fri 04.22.2005 3:16 am

Thanks for the link kodi.:D
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RE: Japan radio

Postby Kodi » Fri 04.22.2005 9:29 pm

=D np

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