Wakan Project Website - Help

Have a textbook or grammar book that you find particularly helpful? What about a learning tip to share with others?
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Wakan Project Website - Help

Post by kappa » Fri 06.16.2006 4:36 am

On this website (which I heard is really good), I am going to download the complete file:
WaKan Complete Installer 1.67 (9/28/05) - 11 MB
Has anyone downloaded this before and is it good? Also, is it safe to download (which I am in the prcess of doing now)?

Thank you. :D

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RE: Wakan Project Website - Help

Post by paul_b » Fri 06.16.2006 5:02 am

kappa wrote:
I think there's no "www" and if you're going to take the trouble to 【color】 tag you might put it in a proper 【url】 tag as well.


Machina Maw
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RE: Wakan Project Website - Help

Post by Machina Maw » Fri 06.16.2006 5:06 am

It's decent, but not essential and I hardly ever find myself using it. It's given me no trouble whatsoever really.

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RE: Wakan Project Website - Help

Post by Deo » Fri 06.23.2006 5:49 pm

Yah yah. I got it. I've used it for its dictionary; text editor translation; and its ability to create electronic flashcards for quizing... Helped me a lot and still use it quite frequently

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