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View topic - for people who miss the old chat

for people who miss the old chat

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for people who miss the old chat

Postby kyashi » Fri 06.16.2006 10:29 pm

for all u people who miss the chat {like me} u can all tell us y u liked and would like it bak {who knows it might just come bak} >< we can all hope ....
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RE: for people who miss the old chat

Postby SilEighty » Fri 06.16.2006 11:14 pm

There is still a chat program. Zengargoyle has already said a number of times that the flash chat won't be coming back, because it can't be used on this server.

If you are on windows, i found Pandion very easy to use. Go to the website below, and download it, then install it.

Once that is done, it will open and ask you straight away for your username and password. Your username is the same one as you use to login to the forums (except put a . where any spaces are), followed by @chat.thejapanesepage.com. Password is the same as for the forum. Then click login.

Now you go to the 'Actions' menu, and select 'Join a Conference room'. It will automatically show you any rooms, and how many people are on it. Then just click the one you wish to join, and thats it.

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RE: for people who miss the old chat

Postby TrilinguisT » Fri 06.16.2006 11:47 pm

i miss it very much, but what is there to do? sit, cry, and bitch about it? just download the new program and deal with it. there are favorable features on the GAIM that flashchat didnt have, so just check it out. ;)
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RE: for people who miss the old chat

Postby kanadajin » Sat 06.17.2006 12:08 am

and bitch

:o you said a bad word :o lol

I really never went in the old chat much and i dont think im going to go in the new one. I don't know if you were trying to make a patition by making this thread but unless you get more then half of the people on this site to agree with you (which im doubting will happen) I don't think their going to change it.
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