How to write properly

Have a textbook or grammar book that you find particularly helpful? What about a learning tip to share with others?
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How to write properly

Post by Yozora » Mon 06.19.2006 1:12 am

Is it a good idea to start practicing writing Japanese with pencil, or is it necessary to buy special brushes? I was just wondering because I'm in the process of memorizing Hiragana.
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RE: How to write properly

Post by Infidel » Mon 06.19.2006 1:40 am

If you want to write with a brush then you need to practice with a brush, if you want to write with a pencil, practice with a pencil.

The main thing is you should refer to examples in the proper medium. If you are writing in pencil then you should use pencil examples. If you are writing with a brush then you should look at brush examples. is my favorite site for writing good penji. There may be better out there, but it is so kirei. They also show hiragana and katakana too.

Kanji alive is also good for animated penji examples.

and is great animated brush samples.

A lot of time the two can be written completely different. As an adult, i suggest working on penji first then working on your brush technique in your copious free time.
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RE: How to write properly

Post by hyperconjugated » Mon 06.19.2006 5:40 am

I've tried calligraphy few times
and it's no walk in the park. The
kanjis came out so bad i almost
cried :D If you want the kanjis to
look good with brush you probably
have to spend more or less time
learning the correct stroke patterns
along with the stroke order.

Pencil is good way to start. You can
easily spend few lifetimes with the
brush if you want to get philosifical.
If not, it still takes a good time time
to master. Or maybe I just can't.
I'm spent.
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RE: How to write properly

Post by zengargoyle » Mon 06.19.2006 6:09 am

go visit your local art store. they have felt-tip 'brush' pens that do a decent job of mimicking a real brush. at least for a pen...

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