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Post by Kodi » Fri 04.22.2005 9:38 pm

Anyone watched? I'm gonna watch episode 6 and 7 in a bit hehe. Got 1-10 and I'm gonna get the rest.

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RE: Bleach...

Post by Datadog » Sat 04.23.2005 1:41 pm

Yeah, I recently got addicted to that series. It's probably the first anime I ever took up watching without having it recommended by friends. The first couple seasons are really good, but somewhere around episode 20, the show really starts to drag on (ala Dragonball Z.) But otherwise, it's got a good cast of characters and a really neat premise. Sort of like "Spider-man" meets "The Sixth Sense."

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RE: Bleach...

Post by yume » Sat 04.23.2005 9:33 pm

i just recently got 1-12 but i have not watched all of them. i am going to and then my friend is going to let me borrow the rest.
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RE: Bleach...

Post by hide21998 » Thu 05.05.2005 11:51 pm

ohhhhgh ya i LOVE BLEACH!!!!! just started but um its my 2nd favorite first is naruto and 3rd is rurouni kenshin^^ im up to about 10 aswell
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RE: Bleach...

Post by jaela » Mon 08.15.2005 4:13 am

when i watched bleach and got to the part where he powers up so much, (fghting the menos grande, i think) i liked it better than naruto now ..... :) it's now on ep 44, and i can't wait to watch the rest!!!!!!!! :):):)

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RE: Bleach...

Post by Zeo » Wed 09.14.2005 9:42 am

Yes i have seen Bleach to:)
I havnt seen so many episodes but its pretty good:) Not the best i have seen, but absolutly an anime that is good enough to see:D

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RE: Bleach...

Post by silfrsyn » Thu 09.15.2005 12:01 am

Bleach is my favorite, nice mix of humor and action, good storyline and animation as well. At least in my opinion.

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RE: Bleach...

Post by alex_2096 » Thu 10.06.2005 9:53 pm

bleach is one of the better anime out at the moment, still not sure if i'd say its my favourite.
what episode are you guys up too? i just finished watching the hour special 52-53 - that was awesome

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RE: Bleach...

Post by Cherie061403 » Fri 10.07.2005 1:26 am

I've seen eps 1-6. Looks really good. But I haven't made the time to watch anymore. I should.

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