MGS4 trailer

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MGS4 trailer

Post by karelhof » Wed 06.21.2006 2:50 pm

I found this really cool trailer on the internet, and thought, because in is in japanese, some advanced learners could maybe understand it, and the beginners (like me), can just watch it and enjoy it. If you're a metal gear or kojima fan, be sure to post a reply! ... ov&pl=game

by the way, does anyone know how to write snake in kanji (literally) or hiragana (the name snake):p?
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RE: MGS4 trailer

Post by richvh » Wed 06.21.2006 3:16 pm

The character Snake's name is スネーク according to the Konami E3 page.
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RE: MGS4 trailer

Post by Ryno » Wed 06.21.2006 3:20 pm

yes richvh is correct but, if your looking for kanji for a snake it's 蛇(へび)
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