Japanese Learning Suite new release!

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RE: Japanese Learning Suite new release!

Post by paul_b » Wed 06.28.2006 3:32 am

phreadom wrote:
We just released the Japanese Learning Suite version 2.3.2, with a bunch of new features and bug fixes etc.
If you are going to use the (modified) Tanaka Corpus in this software then it might be a good idea to have a feedback facility for correcting examples. Comments on examples should go direct to me, and probably to Jim for the record (although I think he rarely reads them unless I draw his attention to one of them). I can PM you our emails if needed.

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RE: Japanese Learning Suite new release!

Post by p2dski » Wed 06.28.2006 5:41 pm

Is this actually an effective way to study kanji? I think it would be impossible for me to learn kanji from that. It tells you about that kanji but doesn't teach it to you.

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RE: Japanese Learning Suite new release!

Post by Deo » Thu 06.29.2006 7:36 am

I'll definitely take a peekaboos see

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RE: Japanese Learning Suite new release!

Post by Reno » Fri 06.30.2006 5:31 am

No this program is really good, U will learn Kanji from it. U just have to know the basics first but once u get that the kanji is up for grabs in this program. I definitely recommend this.
Good luck with studying everybody and I hope one day I will be able to pick it back up.

Until then, a nice goodbye from me to you ;)

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RE: Troubleshooting

Post by Aislynn » Fri 07.28.2006 8:04 am

I had downloaded this, and it seemed to install properly, but it won't run.

I have Windows XP and .NET 1 & 2(upgrade). It asks to de-bug something.

Any suggestions since I'd really like to try this program out?
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RE: Japanese Learning Suite new release!

Post by coco » Sat 07.29.2006 12:36 pm

phreadom-san haven't logged in TJP from 27th June. So I think it would be better to ask directly.

I think it is a good program to learning kanji.
Good luck with your Japanese study. :)

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RE: Japanese Learning Suite new release!

Post by punkgrl326 » Mon 07.31.2006 11:53 pm

Wow, this seems like such a cool progam. I'm definitely going to download it. I just hope my slow computer can handle it.
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RE: Japanese Learning Suite new release!

Post by phreadom » Mon 01.22.2007 3:35 pm

We're releasing version 3.0.1 today. Lots of updates! :D

Just been busy with life stuff. ;)

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