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View topic - Would i need anything other then Genki?

Would i need anything other then Genki?

Have a textbook or grammar book that you find particularly helpful? What about a learning tip to share with others?

Would i need anything other then Genki?

Postby Jon13 » Wed 06.28.2006 9:35 pm

Ok, a while back i figured i'd give learning japanese a try and see how i'd get on. Based on reccomendations on another forum (before i found this one) I ordered the Genki textbook, cd's and workbooks.
Now as i only have a few Katakana left to learn before i can start on the first lesson in the textbook i was hoping to find out a few things.

Firstly, Is genki enough by itself to make a serious start on learning the language and is there any further pre reading i would need to do before i start on the textbooks lessons?

While i can see there's a lot of material and information on this site not to mention across the web itself, the problem is there's too much to effectively sort through and no way of telling what's accurate or not. Is there any material/sites i should be reading regularly besides genki that would be considered essential, or at the least important for serious learners?

Genki itself mentions there are many diffrent Fonts/ways of writing Katakana and Hiranga that may cause the characters to look slightly different but only gives very few examples, is there any site that has hiranaga/katakana tables with some of the more commonly used fonts so i could learn these variations? or should i just not worry too much about that at this stage?

On a slightly unrelated note, i've read in places that learning Romanji can cause problems when trying to advance later on and may be best to avoid, is that so? and if so how does it cause problems?

Any help with the above questions would be much appreciated and fingers crossed when i learn more i'll actually be able to participate in some discussions here as opposed to just asking questions.
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RE: Would i need anything other then Genki?

Postby prep_girl_Nessa » Wed 06.28.2006 11:10 pm

Hey, welcome to TJP!

I personally haven't used Genki, but I've heard it's a really good book. However, I would advice not to use just one reasource, regardless of what that resource is. Look around here, this is a really good site, and maybe try a few other sites; there are a lot of free reasources out there!

I've never had any problems with the different kana fonts, but I'm used to it because I use books and the internet to learn Japanese, which is another reason to use more than one reasource.

I try to avoid romaji because I've been told to, and it's helped me because I can read hiragana pretty quickly now, although my katakana reading is still pretty slow since I don't see it as much.

Again, welcome!
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RE: Would i need anything other then Genki?

Postby p2dski » Thu 06.29.2006 11:57 am

How about a dictionary? Genki 1 has a word list in the back... I have the book but I never used it either to actually learn. I just have it open during class because I'm an aid and joke around with people. If you start out with genki 1 I think once you finish the book you are qualified to take JLPT 4 and than you can move to book 2 and once you get that than I recommend a vocabulary list, level 3 grammer book (Unicom or 3a Network's Kanzen Masuta), Kanji Flashcards, and also something to practice writting with (like a peice of paper and pen). That will build you a pretty solid base after book 2.

Also I bought the CD for class and it's trash but in all honesty I think all CDs are.
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RE: Would i need anything other then Genki?

Postby Schattenjedi » Thu 06.29.2006 12:03 pm

Unless you're forced to study a lot without access to the internet, I don't see any reason to buy a dictionary with all the decent online ones.

RE: Would i need anything other then Genki?

Postby p2dski » Thu 06.29.2006 1:00 pm

^ It is hard for me to study using the internet because I get too distracted with my email or forums or something =P I end up having to seclude my self at barnes and nobles or the library.
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RE: Would i need anything other then Genki?

Postby kohana » Thu 06.29.2006 2:44 pm

I keep WWWJDIC open a lot of the time while studying in case I need a clearer definition. ;) And I also make lists of words I come across while not online so that I can look them up all at once later ^^
I've never used Genki myself, but I second that one resource probably isn't enough. Begin with one book and move on to more :D
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RE: Would i need anything other then Genki?

Postby I-samu » Sat 07.01.2006 9:07 pm

I have genki.
There was a lesson, I think it was 3.
It hits you like a truck.
They just shove 2 type of verb conjucations, many particles, and you're first kanji right in your face
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RE: Would i need anything other then Genki?

Postby Jon13 » Fri 07.14.2006 3:59 pm

Okay rather then start a new topic i figured i'd ask here as it kinda relates to one of my original questions.

After reading the advice you guys gave me i started on the lessons which was a while back now but came across a big issue.

I have the textbook, workbook and Cd, however none of the afformentioned had the answers to any of the excercises, so after looking into it i found out there was an answerbook.
Now i'm planning on ordering it regardless as i would like to know i'm not completely messing things up. However the Answerbook itself is very cheap But because i use amazon it's far far more cost efficient for me to get any other materials i may need in the near future now (as it stands the book is about £3 but the shipping brings the total cost up to about £20 :|)
So i was wondering if there were any good materials available only in Japan to supplement my learning, this could range from anything from simple childrens books for reading comprehension to any software/hardware that would help.

Any suggestions would be appreciated, i have a budget of about £70 (50 after the Answer book) and if any suggestions made could be specific giving either a title or Isbn no. that would be even better.
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