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Postby Dark_Lite » Tue 04.26.2005 4:25 pm

I've looked for a particle/world that would be the equivilent of our "of."

The type of "of" I am talking about is when you want to say something like:

Book of recipes

Or in my case..

Book of Japanese :)

Or I suppose just "Japanese book" will work... I think 6 years of Spanish has tainted me :)

Any ideas?
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RE: "of"

Postby redfoxer » Tue 04.26.2005 4:38 pm

of is a tricky partical. For book of recipes would be something like

seihou no hon.
recipe | possesion | book

so this would be book's recipe. or book of recipes. Ive also heard that you could use ni as a partical for of, but i myself am not sure since im a learner too :) anyone wana contribute something better? :D
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RE: "of"

Postby Dark_Lite » Tue 04.26.2005 4:49 pm

Yeah... The question was just answered (indirectly) in the chat room...

Thanks though ^_^.
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