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Post by Kaoru » Sat 07.08.2006 10:34 pm

What kind of books do you like? (does not include comic/manga books). Since im so into books, I would appreciate it if you guys could suggest a good and interesting book 4 me 2 read. I like romantic stories or like adventure stories. Right now my fav book is (The Lord of The Rings). Its really cool, I like the movie they made about it. However, I enjoyed the book more, it just has more discription and in the movie they left a lot of parts out such as tom bumbadilo ( i think i spelled his name right) and stuff. I also like the (Michigan thrillers) or the (Michigan Horrors), I forgot its name since its really old...Currently im reading the book (On The Edge), Its a really nice romantic book with three stories in it by three different authors. Anyways I would love to hear about anybooks that you guys read. Thanx:)
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RE: Books

Post by orchid5_0 » Sun 07.09.2006 12:05 am

" girl with the preal earing ", "sliver kiss" and right now i have to punches " im no as crazy as i seem".

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RE: Books

Post by Infidel » Sun 07.09.2006 12:55 am

Books I prefer Fantasy or sci-fantasy. Sci-fantasy is books that mix sci-fi and fantasy, like Star Wars and the Mageworld trilogy, or L.E.Modestt Jr's Recluse series.

I also like hard sci-fi when it deals with alternate timelines or alternative explainations of history. I.e. Mutiner's Moon or Battlestar Galactica which both have Humanity originating from some other planet.
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RE: Books

Post by caroline » Sun 07.09.2006 6:44 am

Well, try John Irving or John Fowles or Paul Auster.... Or Kazuo Ishiguro (english writer)
They all have some fantasy in them, but are quite classical litterature, though.

Well, go on enjoying reading

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RE: Books

Post by aKuMu » Sun 07.09.2006 9:01 am

I really like the Discworld Books by Terry Pratchett

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RE: Books

Post by Harisenbon » Sun 07.09.2006 10:27 am

Anything by Sakura Momoko.
Dragonlance Trilogy (first one, and then legends)
Anything by Prachett or Gaiman.

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RE: Books

Post by MrTuesday » Fri 07.14.2006 10:38 pm

Chuck Palahniuk. I just love his books...

If the name is unfamiliar, he wrote the book fight club.

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RE: Books

Post by kanadajin » Fri 07.14.2006 11:10 pm

Bah, I don't like books... but since were forced to read books at school out of like 100 there was maybe 2 i liked.. See the true challenge for me with books is finding one i like, so yeah.. the books i liked were "You are expelled" by I don't remember (and for you smart @$$'s out there :P the authors name ISN'T I don't remember) And the other one is "Give a boy a gun" By I don't remember.. hehe

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RE: Books

Post by Sakana_12345 » Mon 07.17.2006 3:53 pm

Some Sidney Sheldon books are good, mostly conspiracy.
Hmm an author called Karen Slaughter I think, she wrote a crim thriller that I found interesting, Dark House.
Friedrich Nietzsche - Beyond Good and Evil, philological and philosophical writings.
Orson Welles - 1984 and Animal Farm are good too.

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RE: Tales of Otori

Post by mosiesk » Mon 07.17.2006 4:08 pm

I've just finished an amazing trilogy with a Japanese influence. It's the Otori Trilogy by Lian Hearn and is about culture, love, and war but very light, nothing too gory.

An amazing collection and I highly reccommend it.
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RE: Books

Post by Belie » Mon 07.17.2006 4:12 pm

I'm not very picky when it comes to books so long as it's fictional and one of the male characters is disgustingly and ridiculously full of himself. Humor or unrequited love work well too. Characters are the most important part of a story for me and most of the books I read I cannot, for the life of me, dig up a plot to explain.

Therefore Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrel is my top favorite book and has been so for a while. The characters were delightfully entertaining and original, I couldn't find a reason to dislike any of the characters.
Stephen Fry's Revenge(or "The Stars' Tennis Balls"), which I just read recently, delighted me to no end. Strangely enough, it's the complete opposite to Jonathan Strange when it comes to the characters because I loathed all but one passionately. I still loved the story, however.
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RE: Books

Post by Shibakoen » Mon 07.17.2006 10:38 pm

I'm reading "Ryoma" now by Romulus Hillsborough. Not exactly a history, but a very entertaining read. In the words of Forrest Gump: "I like it a lot.":)

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RE: Books

Post by Max Maxter » Sun 08.06.2006 9:56 pm

I love books. Period. I'd gladly read anything you give me...except for maybe mushy, Johanna Lindsey-type romantic novels.

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RE: Books

Post by richvh » Mon 08.07.2006 7:05 am

Max Maxter, use the edit button rather than double post.
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RE: Books

Post by prep_girl_Nessa » Mon 08.07.2006 8:52 am

Have you read 'The Da Vinci Code' yet? I loved it, and there was a book written before that, 'Angles and Demons,' which I also loved. There's 'The Hittchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy' and it's many sequels, although the first two were the best. I haven't read much this summer, to be honest; most of the stuff I read was websites for learning Japanese :|
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