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Postby Ka_youbi_no_kodomo » Sun 07.09.2006 8:11 pm

Hey, does anyone know an equivilent to 'Shhh!' in japanese that's similarly onomatopoeic, as opposed to just the command to be quiet?
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RE: Shhh!

Postby Oyaji » Sun 07.09.2006 8:35 pm

It's the same sound as in English, just cut short. Usually expressed:

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RE: Shhh!

Postby acmilan88 » Wed 07.12.2006 12:49 am

how do u say i love u wa nihongo de doo iimasu ka:o:o
try to learn some japanese and looking 4 some frinds all over tha world any body interst in it then u can write 2 me
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RE: Shhh!

Postby kanadajin » Wed 07.12.2006 12:52 am

maybe you should make your own thread for that.
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RE: Shhh!

Postby vixen » Wed 07.12.2006 1:11 am

Kanadajin:maybe you should make your own thread for that.
lol :p.
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RE: Shhh!

Postby Infidel » Wed 07.12.2006 1:45 am

it will one day be in our Faq.
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