Sen to Chihiro kamikakushi

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RE: Sen to Chihiro kamikakushi

Post by AJBryant » Sun 07.09.2006 9:54 pm

maybe he steals them from the dark corners of the internet
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RE: Sen to Chihiro kamikakushi

Post by Kates » Mon 07.10.2006 10:07 am

randomperson wrote:
ill be watching it in japanese tonight, and see if its any better.
It is, cuz there are no lame jokes ("Oh, a papercut!") and the Haku-secret isn't spoiled quite as early (HATED the timing inthe English version)--as well as other things. I was pretty disappointed with the English-version. (Though, I love Susan Egan and she was a pretty good 'Rin'.)

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RE: Sen to Chihiro kamikakushi

Post by mosiesk » Wed 07.19.2006 8:20 am

I love Spirited Away! I was kinda bummed that it only made 68 in the top 100 family movies.

I couldn't stand the english version though, but then it's partly because I first watch it about a million times in Japanese, so the voices were all weird.

Also, No Face is showing that the Onsen is a bad place to be in.
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