Odd pronounciations in anime?

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Odd pronounciations in anime?

Post by SilEighty » Fri 07.07.2006 6:43 am

Not sure if this is an anime thing, or more general, but I'm an Initial D fan - but I keep noticing that things seem to be pronounced differently to what I would expect...

For example, sugoi seems to sound a lot more like sugei?

I'm pretty sure i heard 'ja nai' just before, but it was more like ja nei?

Is this a regional dialect thing, something specific to anime/initial D, or is it the normal thing? I hope its not the last, because thats going to cause me much grief.

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RE: Odd pronounciations in anime?

Post by adam » Fri 07.07.2006 8:21 am

It's a slang thing. Many i adjectives, and things that end in nai (as well as some other things) get slurred to an "ee" sound. Very common
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RE: Odd pronounciations in anime?

Post by two_heads_talking » Mon 07.10.2006 10:38 am

nai is very frequently slurred into nei.. and even sometimes into nee... depending on how gutteral or angry the person is

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