JFBP study page

Spotted any errors or found anything that doesn't work?
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JFBP study page

Post by wren » Wed 07.12.2006 9:25 am


I'm having a problem seeing the japanese script on the Japanese for busy people study pages - I don't have a problem seeing japanese script anywhere else on the site. Is this a glitch on the page or do I need something different on my computer?


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Frumious Boojum
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RE: JFBP study page

Post by Frumious Boojum » Wed 07.12.2006 9:32 am

The Japanese for Busy People site is not within TheJapanesePage.com, it's sitting on a Geocities website.

Check to make sure that when you go to the site, the encoding is set to Japanese by going to View -- > Encoding (Character Encoding in Firefox).

*I just checked. When you go to the site, because it is a Geocities site, it does default to Western character encoding. Just make sure you change it to Japanese.
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