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Post by Infidel » Wed 07.19.2006 1:14 am

Yes, Terry Goodkind's new book is now out. I read it today. It's really great.

This series has had some major ups and downs. Very roller coaster like. But the last three books are all looking really good.

Book 10 is now out with 1 book left in the series. Everything is feeling very climatic and lots of loose ends that have been hanging around from the beginning have been closed.

I really liked how book 9 finally answered my big question I had been asking since book one. The one no one else seemed to be asking, mainly, "What is up with the boxes of Orden? Why the heck would someone make such a completely broken magic item like that?" A lot of other threads handing around since book 1 and 2 have come full circle and are critical now.

I'd divide this series in 2. Core books and background. If you were reading the series and enjoyed it until you hit one of these books I'm labling background, skip ahead to the next core book. While they do have a lot of good to know stuff in there, usually Goodkind will have his characters recollect important scenes anyway. So don't let these books kill your mood. I'm calling these background books because these are essentially side trips that do not advance the overall plot, although they do complicate it and provide the reason's for many of the characters decisions later. They aren't a waste of time unless they kill your enjoyment of the series.

Background books are
Soul of the Fire
Pillars of Creation
Naked Empire

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RE: Phantom

Post by Nibble » Wed 07.19.2006 10:42 am

I love this series, although I wasn't a big fan of Pillars of Creation. I still haven't read Chainfire yet... I'll probably get both new books and read them back-to-back.

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