Bad habits one shouldn't become used to?

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RE: Bad habits one shouldn't become used to?

Post by two_heads_talking » Wed 07.19.2006 12:30 pm

Code001 wrote:
paul_b wrote:
Tsuchinoko wrote:
Like, for example, would writing symbols in any other stroke order be a bad thing?
That would be a 'yes'.
May I ask why? As long as the character is legible, does it really matter? I know a lot of people don't write romanized characters the same way.
the stroke order of a kana dictates whether it is correct or not. if you write it in the wrong order you also don't have the correct tails and brush pushes.. so, it's not like english where you can write an A or an E in any order.. as long as it looks like an A and an E.. in kana, it won't look like the kana if you don't write it correctly..

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