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Broken [url] tag behavior

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Broken [url] tag behavior

Postby richvh » Fri 07.28.2006 12:23 pm

I'm not sure if this is something Zengargoyle would want to work on, or if it should just be reported to the creators of PHP-Fusion, but when you try to link an https:// protocol page with a [ url ] tag, it removes the colon and prepends http:// to it, as witnessed in this thread.
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RE: Broken [url] tag behavior

Postby ashitaka » Fri 07.28.2006 1:18 pm

We could just start a link with www instead of http:// browsers know its http:// unless you use older things (i think htp:// was used a long time ago and stph://) It probably wouldn't be to hard to fix.
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RE: Broken [url] tag behavior

Postby zengargoyle » Sat 07.29.2006 8:46 pm


[ url ]http://www.example.com[ /url ]

[ url ]https://www.example.com[ /url ]

[ url=http://www.example.com ]example[ /url ]

[ url=https://www.example.com ]https example[ /url ]
https example

[ url ]www.example.com[ /url ]

[ url=www.example.com ]bare example[ /url ]
bare example

hopefully i didn't break anything else anywhere...
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RE: Broken [url] tag behavior

Postby Budomaru » Sun 07.30.2006 10:55 am

i cant believe example.com actually exists lol :P

all those links work for me ;)
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