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Post by Shibakoen » Tue 08.01.2006 9:41 pm

I'm just curious, how well did Japan deal with the sarin gas attack in the subway? Was there any paranoia about riding the subways and stuff afterwards? If there was, how long did it take for most people to get over it? I'm just curious because here in DC it seems there's a palpable sense of paranoia. I just find it strange since there's probably a higher probability of being fatally wounded by a golf ball than there is of dying from a terrorist attack. There's certainly a higher chance of getting shot here. (Doesn't terrorism just seem to be such a futile undertaking?) Anyway, I've just noticed it lately here that some people really spaz over the smallest little thing. I saw a cop freak out on a foreign tourist who was asking him directions because he was "in the way". Today there was a woman in Starbucks who I SWEAR was about to call the bomb squad because some woman left her purse on her seat while she went to order coffee. Anyway, just curious about how Japan dealt with it because I guess it was the first terrorist attack that I really remember. I don't remember the Marine barracks bombing, and I think the Tokyo attack was before the OK city bombing.

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RE: Paranoia

Post by anikaliki » Tue 08.01.2006 10:38 pm

I'm with you on that. I think too many people are too paranoid about terrorists. I dont know much about the gas attack though.

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RE: Paranoia

Post by Sumi » Tue 08.01.2006 10:41 pm

Terrorists are everywhere. Everyone is so paranoid with them that when it happens no one knows what to do. I'm just gonna live my life like a normal human with a few interesting points.

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