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RE: 大学に日本。

Postby clay » Wed 08.02.2006 10:51 am

Many people actually first graduate from a school in their home country before studying abroad.

You may want to consider adding a minor in TESL if your school has it. Even if you are not sure if you want to go to Japan as an English teacher, it certainly is the most common way. By having an actual TESL certificate, you will have an automatic advantage over other English teachers.
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RE: 大学に日本。

Postby Sumi » Wed 08.02.2006 10:58 am

Thank you very much!
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RE: 大学に日本。

Postby AJBryant » Wed 08.02.2006 12:43 pm


Gotta fix this.

"A Japanese university" is 日本の大学.
"A university in Japan" is 日本にある大学.
大学に日本 is gibberish.


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RE: 大学に日本。

Postby keatonatron » Wed 08.02.2006 1:23 pm

AJBryant wrote:
Gotta fix this.


And what Clay said is right. In Japan, high school is extremely hard. Then, your high school performance determines which college you can get into, which determines what job you can do. If you get into a good college, you've already got the college's name on your resume (which proves how well you did in high school) so actually studying is unnecessary :D
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RE: 大学に日本。

Postby skrhgh3b » Wed 08.02.2006 2:31 pm

You know, you can always study abroad at a Japanese university, and depending on your academic goals, possibly up to a whole academic year. In fact, I have a classmate who's doing that next year - the lucky bastard. Just be sure your grades are solid. I didn't have much direction at the beginning of my college career and floundered too much, so now I'm working my butt off for the remote possibility of studying abroad before I graduate. Don't do what Donny Don't does.
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RE: 大学に日本。

Postby Budomaru » Wed 08.02.2006 10:52 pm

clay wrote:
In the States public high school is a joke (or at least it was in my day). I moved 3 times in two different states during my high school years which gave me a chance to try out three different schools. I can honestly say, at each of these schools I never did any homework at home; I always finished it just before or just after class.

However, university really kicked me in the butt. I got a C my first semester! (I always got A's and B's in high school)

I have heard (and seen) in Japan just the opposite. High school is incredibly competitive and challenging but college is a time to play. I don't know if that is a more true than not generalization, but it seems to be said quite a bit.

its amazing how close the japanese educational system is to the greek one. although schools seem to be hella more involved for students in japan (clubs and stuff) and much more organised and taken care of (at least i've never seen a bad-looking japanese school in media) while for us there are no extra-cirricular activities and preetty much every school (besides the private ones) is housed in an old, breaking-down building, the educational system's functionality when it comes to exams and university is pretty much the same.

lots of people here claim cram schools are a greek phenomenon, however i've read that cram schools in japan are an important part of a japanese student in their final high-school year (though over here, things are much more unbalanced - imagine a school where you do practically nothing, get high marks cause teachers want to help you and little help in actual lessons - no studying at school etc. - hence, 98% of families that can and want their kids to get into uni, have to pay insane tuition fees for cram schools that work the hell out of kids so they can have a reasonable chance to get a good mark at the national exams).

i've also read that the difficulty of getting into uni in japan places a huge load of pressure on students and some commit suicide when they fail. its the same here up to a point - there are rare examples of students that have insane blood pressure, that pass out or end up looking like zombies because of the stress (though as a people, modern greeks are somewhat more easygoing than japanese so at least we dont have suicides and crazy school shootouts for the sake of exams).

while uni/tech. colleges arent really a time to play (and i dont think they are in japan either) once we got in, lots of us found it much much easier than we would have expected (though difficulty rises very quickly through the semesters). again, its what you finished and where that matters here and not really the mark (though its almost impossible to get a decent job - or even a normal job at all - unless you have a university degree here, which has become a hot debate topic).

i havent read about such a system in other countries - it seems quite strange to me that two very different cultures would have such a similar educational system (though its true lots of people here blame the educational system and believe its dysfunctional because of this way it works - and thats at least partly true when we pay a huge amount of money to cram schools - and dont make that much).
You know you've been hanging around a forum too long when people start quoting you and agreeing :P
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