Who's inside now?

Spotted any errors or found anything that doesn't work?
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Who's inside now?

Post by tanuki » Fri 08.04.2006 6:18 pm


When I click on "Who's inside now?" on the front page, I get an error screen.

It seems to me like that link didn't get updated.
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RE: Who's inside now?

Post by kanadajin » Fri 08.04.2006 6:20 pm

Mine says

Sorry, can't find that page. Please let the webmaster know of broken links!

Have a look around TheJapanesePage.com

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RE: Who's inside now?

Post by redfoxer » Fri 08.04.2006 7:12 pm

yep, pretty much, its still directed to the old flashchat. use side navigation bar link for now

*Edit* - dumb explanation removed
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RE: Who's inside now?

Post by clay » Fri 08.04.2006 7:29 pm

Sorry! I must have overwritten the old new front page. I will try to fix that now. (or if not, it will be Sunday)

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