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Buying Manga on-line

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Buying Manga on-line

Postby Tourne » Mon 08.07.2006 10:07 am


Can anyone recommend a good website for buying Manga, where the site is available in English (or possibly German), but the books would be in Japanese? I don't know enough Japanese to use a Japanese website, but I want to buy the Manga in Japanese for the reading practice.


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RE: Buying Manga on-line

Postby randomperson » Mon 08.07.2006 10:09 am

you can try yesasia.com. im not sure if the manga there are in japanese but you should be able to find some in japanese. also clays shop(thejapanshop.com) has japanese manga i beleieve
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RE: Buying Manga on-line

Postby clay » Mon 08.07.2006 10:10 am

We have a few used (but in great condition) manga here:
But we don't have a huge selection.

I would also highly recommend Mangajin (which by they way, we also sell :D )
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RE: Buying Manga on-line

Postby richvh » Mon 08.07.2006 10:27 am

Sasuga Books carries a good selection of Japanese language manga, and they do ship internationally.
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RE: Buying Manga on-line

Postby paul_b » Mon 08.07.2006 10:44 am

Aclimate Solution has a wide range of second hand manga (and I think they will even look for titles) in an extremely crappy website. They also have a number with separate accompanying translations so perfect for the learner who really wants to read manga but isn't confident yet.

I bought from them before with no problem.
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RE: Buying Manga on-line

Postby Demangirl » Tue 08.15.2006 2:39 pm

A good place to buy any kool stuff would have to be http://www.rightstuf.com
I go there alot to see what new stuff has come out.
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RE: Buying Manga on-line

Postby Tourne » Thu 08.17.2006 1:22 pm

Thanks to everyone for the suggestions!
Arigatou :)
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