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!!!Fan work!!!

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!!!Fan work!!!

Postby redfoxer » Fri 04.15.2005 4:47 pm

Hey i thought as people are posting manga and stuff, i wanted to post some fan stuff up. Its a action/comedy short story so if you like to read then this should be good. Its not too long as its a short story ^^


It was based around the time i was playing max payne and i kinda got the base idea of that and old john woo films. :) its quiet cool and if it could be used as a script for a manga cartoon that wud be awsome! it is around 3 years old but let me know what you think! feedback greatly appriciated! :)

Anyhow, kibou sore wo konomu. Arrigatou gozaimasu.!
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RE: !!!Fan work!!!

Postby Datadog » Sat 04.16.2005 2:29 pm

I've got an animated short in the works. I'll post a link when I get it done within the next few months.
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RE: Why do I always have to be the crotch?

Postby Datadog » Wed 05.18.2005 4:09 pm

As promised, here's the link to my toon for any DBZ fans!

Starring the Dancing Vegeta and Scrooge McDuck, we have: DucktaleZ 3!


It's the third part of a trilogy I made. My Ducktales series takes place in this uber-universe where Duckburg looks like a beginner Flash artist made it (all crappy and blocky,) and I keep bringing in new styles of animation to mix in with the bad stuff. The first two Ducktales cartoons didn't have any anime in them, so I won't post those, though you can watch them straight from my new one.

I'll warn you, it's 18 minutes long, so I'd recommend checking it out only when you've got the time.

And yes, I know I changed quite a few things about Vegeta, but it was all in the name of advancing the story and keeping it funny. Fun fact - Vegeta was completed animated in CGI for this. Enjoy!
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