School starts when?

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Chris Hart
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RE: School starts when?

Post by Chris Hart » Sat 08.19.2006 1:06 am

prep_girl -
You must be trying to burn yourself out. The one semester I took 19 credits, I barely had time to sleep. Grades that semester suffered as a result. That is also the semester where I developed a severe addiction to Caffeine. I would go through a tin of Penguin mints every other day, and since the campus bookstore was right around the corner from my mid-day classes, Jolt cola was very easy to obtain regularly.

I recommend cutting back a little, if it's not too late.

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RE: School starts when?

Post by prep_girl_Nessa » Sat 08.19.2006 3:18 am

Chris Hart,

Thanks for your concern, but I'm not too worried. I'm not going to a majorly academically challenging school, plus one of my credits is Karate and three are beginning Japanese, and since I've been studying for 8 months already I think I should be alright, atleast for a while.

And I love coffee :)
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RE: School starts when?

Post by requemao » Sat 08.19.2006 6:44 am

Don't be overconfident, Nessa. Usually the things they teach in the classroom but you wouldn't study on your own are precisely the ones they ask in exams.

But yes, you are already a step ahead if your kana are fine and you already know grade 1 kanji. がんばってください!
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RE: School starts when?

Post by Shiroi » Sat 08.19.2006 9:21 am

We don't go back until September 5th. They're finishing up the new highschool, so we have to wait a little longer.
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RE: School starts when?

Post by Shibakoen » Sat 08.19.2006 10:19 am

Never!! Mwah-ha-ha-ha! B)

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RE: School starts when?

Post by Sorako » Sat 08.19.2006 10:25 am

Bah, we go back Monday, on the 21st.
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RE: School starts when?

Post by blue-sadie » Tue 10.17.2006 4:40 pm

Went back on 1st September (for lower 6th and 1st years) for an induction then started properly on the 4th.

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RE: School starts when?

Post by kaze89 » Tue 10.24.2006 10:20 am

We went back on September 18, but the summer hollidays started late this year as well (namely 1st August). Yes, we have only 6 weeks ^^

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RE: School starts when?

Post by MFoogle » Tue 10.24.2006 10:30 am

elementary, middle, and high school start August 21

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