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Postby DimitarCC » Mon 05.23.2005 1:34 am

Hello to all!!!
First i want to say that i like this site!!! Its very useful for me!!!
Unfortunatly i was unable to find Japanese person with who to comunicate!!! Oh well i guess i dont have luck :( !
Ones again this is a great site and cam help to many people!!!
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RE: Hello!!!

Postby Datadog » Mon 05.23.2005 1:37 am

Yeah, that's been addressed before. It's almost impossible to find Japanese people here because they already know Japanese and thus don't need to learn it.
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RE: Hello!!!

Postby kanadajin » Mon 05.23.2005 10:02 am

Yes true, but you can always make a google search for Japanese penpals... That is what i would do.. But I already have enough Japanese Penpals..
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RE: Hello!!!

Postby Variand » Mon 05.23.2005 5:04 pm

lol guess i post it this time ^_^


or like kanadajin said, just google search, "japan penpals" or phrases of the like.

i joined Japan-guide's penpal thing, and revieved 3 emails within 48 hours. though, they haven't responded to my reponse yet. but its only been like 2 days. So i'm giving them a few more days ^_^

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