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Spotted any errors or found anything that doesn't work?
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Spot the link

Post by paul_b » Sun 08.20.2006 2:23 pm

Spot the link?

Well I daresay you do - it wasn't exactly hidden. However I don't think the link colour stands out sufficiently from normal text. When I remember (not often) I use bold to make it more obvious but I suggest a change to the default style might be in order.

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Chris Hart
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RE: Spot the link

Post by Chris Hart » Sun 08.20.2006 2:41 pm

Perhaps allowing the browser to choose all the colors would be better. On my laptop, I usually use a variant of Window's "High Contrast Black" color scheme since I use it in my car, and it gives off much less light than the default. My eyes must adjust when viewing this page. Another option would be to allow registered users to choose their own color scheme. One example of an open source PHP based program that allows this is SquirrelMail.

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