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RE: chizu

Postby Ogawa » Tue 05.24.2005 3:44 pm

chizu wa subete ga suki desu. ichiban sukina chizu ga nai.
amari tebenai demo suki desu. uso! maansuta chizu ga ichiban suki da kara yoku kaimasu.;)
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RE: わたしはチーズです。あなたはチーズお

Postby Gaijinian » Tue 05.24.2005 6:44 pm

Spaztick wrote:

Yeah, a very old quote, but please note

With a Verb or I-keiyoushi, you never use a copula, i.e., da or desu, unless you are doing a "n/no" thing, like nani wo shiteiru'n desu ka?
(and other than ~masen deshitaB))

Just remember that
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