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I am thinking of moving to Japan.

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RE: I am thinking of moving to Japan.

Postby matnapp » Wed 08.23.2006 8:45 pm

serekuro wrote:
Shibakoen wrote:
First it would be great if you could spell college.

Yes, it would xD; I think she might be like 11
No wait..she's my age ._. ah.
Anyway, why do they all want to be anime artists anyway?
.__. I think I did like 2 years ago when I was 13. But I grew out of that and started after looking at things logically.

Anyway, I don't see why there are so many people wanting to go to university in Japan. Perhaps they don't realise that they need to learn japanese first...
I bid them good luck with that..
Ok drop the Collage thing it was a misspelling. Ok I think I have read everything I could about going to Japan for now. And I think you should close this thread because it is just being spamed up.

BTW I am a guy. :o
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RE: I am thinking of moving to Japan.

Postby Guitargasm » Wed 08.23.2006 9:23 pm

expensive stuff comes from china too. hell everything comes from china.
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RE: I am thinking of moving to Japan.

Postby kanadajin » Wed 08.23.2006 9:50 pm

Everythings Made in China, everything wasn't invented there >.>
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RE: I am thinking of moving to Japan.

Postby lomagu » Thu 08.24.2006 5:37 am

Just the cool stuff! :D B)
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